The Journey Is The Reward

Every one knows what the top of a mountain looks like from a distance, but few have actually experienced what the view from the peak reveals. It reveals where you started, where you’ve been, what you’ve overcome and the sacrifices you’ve made along the way. It reveals something about who you are. And sometimes it can even give a glimpse as to why you climbed it in the first place.

Throughout the journey, there is hardship and uncertainty. There is weariness and sometimes the urge to turn back. When you inevitably hit the wall; do you turn back in disappointment or simply take one more step forward? When you step forward, you gain ground. If you focus on the singular step, the focus shifts from the achieving the goal itself, to the task at hand. If you can face that task, a new challenge will present itself, but in singular steps, it can be conquered.

For those of us that have made the trek to the top, the view is unmistakably rewarding. It is an actualization of accomplishment and the pride from a goal achieved. However, those moments of awe and joy at the apex of whatever physical, spiritual, mental or emotional mountain that has just been conquered, pale in comparison to the hard-fought battle to attain that singular moment of greatness.

Some see the peak as the goal or the result of hard work, but fail to recognize that the journey itself was the reward all along. Results are fleeting moments that pass us by, but the reality of the journey is what becomes the true reward. We are judged by our results in this business though.

There are many mountain-top moments from my career. Mostly, what I remember was how I got there: the circumstances, the grind through the Minor Leagues, the physical and mental fight back from injuries, the relationship with my teammates, the moment I knew that I belonged in the big leagues, finding my identity as a part of a team, the never-ending learning process and most of all: learning to love the process.

Don't stay on the sideline and view the mountaintop. Start climbing now. Begin the journey. Reap the reward. Join the process with me and ACE Baseball.

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