The Process

We are constantly in the process of learning and gaining wisdom and understanding. To do so requires attempt and failure.

Rejoice in your victories, but you will grow more powerful through your adversities and failures. Hate to fail, but it is vital to your maturation process.

I have stated earlier that I learned to love the process. To begin to love the process, I had to decide what I could and could not control. I had to plan my process.

I accept what I am.
I accept what I am capable of.
I decide what I want to be.
I set my goal.
I decide to be more.
I make a plan.
I fail.
I never quit.
I start over.
I reset the goal.
I restart the plan.


To borrow from Tom House (one of the greatest coaches of all time), in order to manage any process there must be insight into three areas: Passion directed by Motivation to gain Mastery (RDRBI & NPA Pitcher’s Manual, pg. 25). This insight dictates self-awareness and the ability to understand outcomes.

You must learn that you can only control three things in life: your attitude, your commitment and your effort.

This was the key to my ability to rebound from injury or failure. This simple acronym: A.C.E., changed my worldview completely. It made me a better player and a better person altogether.

How many times are you willing to start over? How many times are you willing to fail? 

What is an ACE? How can I be one?

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